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Does the sun love us?

Updated: Apr 18

God and the Sun | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

It is beautiful outside today 🌲🌱🌲🌱 It is a great day to sit outside. The breeze is cool the sky is blue. I think at 27 years old I am finally starting to enjoy reading. Life is so much like the weather. It's mood is ever changing. Calmness then fury. Beautiful then scary.

The sun reminds me of love. It's always there to keep us alive. Even when we do not see it, it's radiating.

Does the sun love us?

No, but the one that made it does.

Evidence is all around. The complexity and intricacy of life is intentional. People are forever. Souls never die.

Maybe you have never tried to speak to God. He is real. He is supernatural. He is loving. He will listen no matter what you have done. When you feel as if no one sees your pain and cares. He does.

I have been on journeys I would not wish on anyone. Times of complete defeat. Times where a heart Hurts so bad it almost gave up. & that's the beauty of it all.

What a magical experience knowing the Lord is. No one ever promised the weather wouldn't rage & break hearts. They promised a peace and love through life's storms. It is readily available to those who make a choice to search for it.

God loves you. Yes, broken you. Do not let anyone tell you any different. Days like today remind me of all of the moments he saved me. The joy. It's beautiful.

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