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Don't yall just love my indian girl photo from the thrift store & my $5 Target flamingo pillow? :)

One mean girl,

Two mean girl,

Three mean girl,


Lets be pretend friends,

As we follow to score.

O seven,

O eight,

Pretend follow,

Fake fate.

Nine filter,

Ten promote,

#inspo is all she wrote.


"Ignorance is your new Best Friend...."


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Thank you, sweetie! You really are very creative, sweet, and inspiring!!! I love you! ❤️❤️


Jessica A. Goolsby
Jessica A. Goolsby
Jan 18, 2019

You make me so happy sweet Aunt Susan <3 Thank you so much for reading my writings! It means so much to me. I really do strive everyday to be thoughtful like you. There are not many people like you. I love you too <3


You are an inspiration, my sweet, beautiful niece!!! I love you!

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