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Playing God | Paramore

So much of my life right now can be defined by Paramore songs. I love a song with genuine lyrics, kind of like I like people. We have all been there surely. When we >feel< like peoples actions don't fit the mold of what they "claim" to be. It was bothering me & filling my heart with the feelings of why people think Christians are not genuine. I understand why they do. But here is what God revealed to me.

EVERYONE will let you down. Yes I said everyone. Christians or not. Even your own self. It is expected for we are in a human body. "Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you— for you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others. Ecclesiastes 7:21‭-‬22 NIV

Its all about intention.

You know you are trying to fit the mold God designed for you & you will NEVER be everyone's cup of tea. You are NOT trying to fit the mold of humanity's ideal view of you.

You know why?..

Cause there are a million different molds in that case, and that is why you are so tired. Cause it's impossible. So I say all that to say. What YOU view as genuine in a person will be a treasure to you and your life when you find them. Don't even feel surprised when the majority don't fit that. They are sinners and so are you.

Make your priority pleasing God first. If you have purple hair, rock it & connect with the purple hair goddesses.. If you are covered in tattoos, tell your life stories to someone who shares that with you. As cliché as it sounds its what inside that God cares about & truthfully I would love EVERYONE to experience that no matter what in the heck society views you as. God is the connect that you were created to be with. Be you, under the guidelines that God places about matters of the heart & actions, & rock it.

He is completion for your soul when you know him. He is the love & hope that has changed my life. He is not religion. Give him a chance & you can see for yourself.


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