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custom website design process

IMPORTANT: I'm so happy that you may be interested in a custom project with me. But FIRST, before reviewing the prices ect, make sure that you watch "The Process" google slide below. It is SO IMPORTANT that you understand the process of a custom project with me before making a purchase (since ALL purchases are non-refundable). If "The Process" sounds good to you, then proceed in shopping and making a purchase for a custom project.


NOTE: All website's that I create are created on the WIX Website Platform. Anything that you purchase from me is simply for website design services. You are responsible for running your website after the design is complete, future site maintenance (I can be rehired for site work in the future), domain fees + registration, and hosting fees through WIX.


Pricing with me is simple and easy to understand.  Depending on your needs, click the button below to fill out my "Free Design Quote Form" or the "Free WIX Site Work Quote Form" in detail so that I can contact you with proper pricing and timelines for your project. Once the form is complete and submitted, I will contact you within 24 hours with pricing. After I quote you a price there are no worries if you have to decline the project for any reason before you agree to the project and pay. Please click below for your free quote today! ALL PURCHASE ARE NON REFUNDABLE ONCE PAID. 


Revamp / Site Work

 If you need WIX Website work done to your existing WIX Website, I can be hired for that as well. Do you currently have a WIX Website that needs some TLC in either design or function? I can help refresh it and bring out its beauty even more. Cost of projects as such will be based on a project by project basis. Please use click the button below and contact me in detail with a link to your current site and a bullet-point list of everything you are wanting done for a quote!

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