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26 years old.

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

26 Years Old | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

🌌 Galaxies surround, It's beautiful, But I can't breathe and there is no ground. 🎇 The sparkling Stars I touch, They are beautiful, But they burn me. O why do I continue To them to clutch? 🎆 Combustion's, colorful, galore. They are beautiful, My eyes suffer from the glare. But my Heart aimlessly wants more. ⬇ & now I'm free falling so hard, "Where is the life I scream?!!" They say "All that Glitters Is Not Gold!", The Clouds are just an illusion, An absent guard. 🌊 A wanderer I am, And a wanderer I'll be. I can't give up on me! I've got to land this In the arms of the Sea. The Waves wave me in, My skin stings! O someone help me! 🎼 I can't do this alone! Why am I floating here? Am I beyond repair? Between my cries I can hear a melodic Song. 🌎 I listen this time. It is my only hope. Where is this coming from? I see nothing! Nothing! With each note I endure, Washing to the Earth I am numb. 🔥 Passion IGNITES as I sit alone. 🌌 O so far from the Galaxy.... ❤ Maybe this is my home......... 👤 Maybe I needed the pain 💡 to hear the song.

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