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Grace. Accept it. Run!


What am I doing?

It shouldn't even matter what I've done.

Get over it,

feel free and just run!

I can't change the past,

I mean it has taught me so much,

without it I could never excel,

I would not have as much appreciation for love.

Its up to me and how I respond to life,

I control it.

I direct the film of my time here.

It should earn a grammy.

It should be a big hit.

I give up in this game of playing pretend,

and that is a good thing.

Just to be myself,

and besides, I could play pretend,

but in that game there is no way to win.

What comes tomorrow in the life of mine,

I do not have a clue,

I'm not worried about it too much,

live each second,

I know God blesses me,

It is not just luck.

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