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Blog from Me at 23.

Being a Mama | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

When your 23 year old self speaks to your 27 year old self in a blog she wrote on a website she created in 2013 that no one ever saw... Just thought I would share.

Maybe "23 year old Jessica" will inspire you too...❤️

Once upon a time.... life hit me like a brick in the face.


Reality check & there I was 23, married, a mother, a worker, an unfufilled dreamer with unfufilled dreams, a hopeless romantic full of wonder, a kid at heart.

Sounds like a fairytale right?

O how so many of us women feel like we are stuck.

Like our wild & free days are frozen in time & we are waiting on a moment when an opportunity lights a fire within our hearts and melts the chains of routine away.

We know our lives are full of blessings, but deep down in our hearts there is a longing for more.

More money, more time, but yet it never seems to surface. It seems so far away, so out of reach.

Even though there were times in life where I felt as if I was the only one with certain issues, within my "gained wisdom" over the years, I have realized there are many of you, just as me, who are struggling to be a fierce woman in today's society while juggling all the different titles as women we hold.

It is definitely not easy, & 78% of the time not fun as well.

But you know what I live for?

That 22% of the time where the "little things" do make me feel alive again...

A smile from my 4 month old son, a small bonus on my check at work, accomplishing a diy pinterest pin & it turning out right (you know what I mean :)), hearing my baby say mama while grinning, a surprise cup of coffee made just right by by O so handsome husband.

& seriously,

what can a good cup of coffee not solve?!? ;)

Just think, What or who is your cup of steamy goodness? What makes you feel like all is alive and well in the madness of life? Just keep drinking your cup of coffee & you will be just fine, but when your heart yearns, do not hesitate to chase your ambitions,

as much as I hate to say it, You Only Live Once (I hate when people say "YOLO!!!"lol)

so LIVE IT UP!!!

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