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Brain of Ice.

Brain of Ice. | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

If there is one person that needs your help,

it would be me.

I have let you and myself down,

Just know that I am sorry,

So sorry.

I'm froze in one spot that is stuck in the middle,

I can't move,

Confused about what's next,

My sense of direction is dull,

A spinning jumble.

The things that I have does runs through my head,

Also the things I did not do,

Stupid things,

Not predicted, but well aware,

Forgive me for what I said,

Letting you down was not intentional.

Right now I could be compared to the lowest of low,

My heart is crying,

I've got to wipe those teardrops away,

With your help I'll go,

Higher with a smile.

Closing my eyes and thinking right,

I imagine something beautiful,

It is overwhelming,

A blinding bright light,

It is you.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 07, 2021

Thanks for posting this

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