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Echoes of Youth.

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Poem about a new baby | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

The years roll as the speed of light, Illuminating love and loss along the way. Things that if the dark had only masked, The lesser the lesson learned be.

Moments as if they were endless at the time, Disappear like the Sun at night. Glimmering memories as Stars, Shining bright in your mind's eye, As the only joy in desolate moments of this present day.

The sound of youth echoes in the distance, And it's hard to hear it for the disturbance of the screaming labor of responsibility, and the lack of play.

But it is all a trade for the deepest of heartfelt feelings.

There has never been a bond so tight, Where there is absolutely no room for worries of yesterday, You quickly learn the true meaning of unconditionally. It happens in that very instant Where God gives them a breath and your eyes meet.

Occupying all mind and time, Something that is difficult to believe you helped give life to. Unwantingly and with so much innocence Grabs your finger as if they are holding your heart Staring at you as if they are saying "I love you mommy"

No writing can express this feeling fully. Nothing short of a miracle in front of you everyday.

All of the hard time with no meaning is now fulfilled, And The Echoes of Youth you hear now, As sweet as they sound, Are not your own, But that of your lovely child And quite frankly nothing has ever sounded better. 💙

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