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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

Jesus is waiting for you to open the door,

to you heart for Him,

He will always be your friend.

Faith is the evidence of things not seen,

I know He died for everyone's sin,

O He died just for me,

A person like me,

I'm not close to perfect,

neither are you.

I'm not sure how my life here on Earth will turn out,

But this is surely true,

when I leave this world I have no doubt,

I will be in heaven and hallelujah I'll shout.

To be honest with you and to myself,

I know I'm a sinner,

But I'm also a Christian through and throughout.

In the Bible it is told,

that if you ask Jesus to enter you heart and save your soul,

It will make you whole.

Sounds pretty good you know.

All you got to do is pray,

all it takes is a simple prayer and a wiling heart to wash your sin away,

Believe me,

It will change you day.

As it did mine,

I try my best to stay in the Holy line,

Although I fall off that line when I get angry or lose my temper,

When I pull out the Holy Book I remember,

Remember what He has done for me and for you,

and I think to myself,

how cool.

To be the best I can,

I will keep your commandments,

in your Holy name I pray,


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