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I'm such a hypocrite lately.

I'm such a hypocrite lately. | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

At what point did I lose it?

The puzzle I took so long to piece together

so very carefully has been destroyed by my own hands.

What a shame,

Cause I knew what I was doing all along.

I've been so focused on the things that sparkle,

and my mind has ventured from what is really in my heart.

I keep filling a glass of unwanted cause.

Then I drink it,

and do it all over.

It is an inch away and I can't do so much as reach for it.

What have I become?

I'm such a hypocrite lately and I am well aware of it.

When am I gonna take that leap and really mean it?

My words and now I think that even my tears mean nothing.

Where is the action?

When will my "promises" to myself be carried out?

I've lost all connection and it is all my fault.

The greatest thing there is,

is that you are always waiting and wanting me.

It is amazing.

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