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Just Keep Swimming.

Just Keep Swimming | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

So many thoughts run through my mind,

Why is it so hard for me in this time of my life?

I'm just a teenage girl in a time consuming,

"I want what is fair" kind of world.

I cry and cry,

tears fall down,

While looking up,

and feeling down.

I'm pushing a concrete wall,

just me pushing,

I strive for a victory,

but come out losing.

It's been so long I just keep going.

I know there is a plan for me just waiting to be fulfilled.

There is a reason for this,

all I got to do is stay in God's will.

He is the way,

the best way to go,

without Him I am nothing,


Lord I don't even know.

This will resolve with time and trust for sure

The only thing that can fix me is God,

He is the cure.


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