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Missing you.

Missing you. | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Am I going crazy,

or is this just how loneliness feels?

The sun is rising,

the rain is falling,

and what long minutes,

turn into year long days,

inching til you are here.

What is the sky without the sun?

What am I without you?

My sky is so dark,

there is no one to light up my day.

I lay here on my bed,

close my eyes and there you are.

I can even smell you,

this imaginary happiness.

My eyes slowly open and I see is the ceiling,

I'm crushed.

The worst feeling is wanting something so bad,

and knowing you can't have it.

If only dreams always came true,

I would be hugging you right now.

Love is a crazy thing.

When we are together it makes me feel better than anything ever.

But when we are apart,

I feel terribly sad and empty.

Have I gone crazy?

Maybe I am just lonely for now,

Until I can be with you.

But until then,

My tears will keep me company.

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