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Misunderstood. | Pineapple in a Pine Tree

I wish someone loved the REAL me.

The one who cares, is creative and competitive.

The one the loves music and nature and passionate love.

The one that just wants to be appreciated and surprised from time to time.

The one who thinks things out too much,

but with the best intentions for the ones I love.

The one that has big dreams she knows she can't achieve.

The one that is a woman now and wants someone to think she is beautiful.

Someone that appreciates all that she does

because they realize it is harder for her than the average person.

That she loves the water and the sand and feeling taken cared of.

Someone who appreciates how responsible and faithful she is to her family.

Someone that knew her heart and learned to love it.

Someone who realized that if they gave her a deep and true love,

that they would get it back.

I just feel misunderstood.

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