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My Sunshine.

My Sunshine | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Living life,

the same old routine,

My everyday feeling ok was a high point for me,

there was a line that drew a limit at normal,

which curved around me and circled dull.

Falling down like rain,

yet there was no grey cloud in site,

I thought I knew my joys destination,

A heart made of coal,

crushed and then burned,

predicted combustion.

I was supplied with a map,

I mean I was well aware of the brightest star in the sky,

but why was I consumed with digging in the dirt,

Pointless was a word defining my actions.

All of a sudden what is happening to me?

Going from reaching for a cloud,

to holding the sun,

what is my vision?

With the help from an unexpected but meant to be tap on the shoulder,

I can see the shore instead of just the water surrounding me,

boy, do I love land.

I needed my night light,

I was not ready for the dark,

and it kind of felt like hitting your elbow,


after analyzing things my conclusion was,

risk it.

Although the waves began to knock me down,

occasionally letting me advance,

they kept holding me back,

But I strived to venture toward the sea.

What results with this ambition covered in admiration from another?


I find myself smiling,

thank you Lord,

I dance to slow songs by myself,

with the one that is away on my mind.

a comfort.

I'm laying on a pillow of joy and understanding,

I get excited when the wind blows my hair and tickles my face,

I feel my heart beating again.

I owe all of everything,

every blessing to the one,

the awesome almighty father,

he save me,

and he continues to rescue me everyday of my life,

what a hero,

my hero.

He has gave me a bag of rocks,

and surprisingly I found a seed among them,

that I have just planted,

hoping for it to prosper,

and maybe turn into a garden filled with red roses,

all I need is water,

I've got my sunshine.

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