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No Thanks. It's Time to Fly.

Updated: Apr 18


hang up that heavy heart,

hang it by the door

you stay locked in.

Take this,

this is always in style,

wear this light heart instead.

Lift the shades,

feel the Sun.


let me take your clouded thoughts,

and throw them in the wash,

it looks like it's time to remove the dirt.


make yourself at home,

and take a seat in grace.

It is the best seat in the house.

Trust me.

Just breathe,

and settle into it.


How do you like it?

Two heaping spoonfuls of laughter or one?

Come to think of it,

two is much sweeter,

and I know it is just what you need.


before I go away,

I insist you have this book I just finished.

It's called "Love Yourself".

I just ordered the sequel called "Happiness".

I hear it's a life changing read.


Isn't that ironic?

The key to that door,

has been under your nose all along,

on a necklace of course.

You can actually venture beyond these walls,

If you so choose.

All you have to do is use the key.

Bye for now..


You left your heavy heart hanging here!

She replied, "No thanks. It's time to fly."


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Jessica A. Goolsby
Jessica A. Goolsby
Dec 30, 2018

Thank you sweet Aunt Susan! <3


Delightful poem!!!

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