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O How Lovely

O How Lovely | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Life to infinity,

love the size of a thousand universes, 

O how lovely?

One million breath taking sunsets,

O how surreal?

72,000 lightning bugs in a dark room,

eyes with wonder,

mind of imagination,

O how perfect?

7 tropical vacations in one day,

unlimited time and money, 

a playlist of the most inspiring songs, 

the perfect cup of coffee made from gold,

O how indescribable.

An amazing view that extends for 2300 miles,

a silence so pure, 

a billion mile away trip to space around the stars,

O how unbelievable?

All these things are 1/5000th of the feelings you spark in me. 

You are more lovely, surreal, perfect, indescribable, and unbelievable

than them all.

O how true?

Life to infinity,

love the size of a thousand universes,

O how lovely you are.

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