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Oh when you have a brain like mine.

Updated: Apr 18

Oh when you have a brain like mine. | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Oh when you have a brain like mine. Nothing can be as it is, there has to be more. More wonder, more scary, more to it, underlying motives. I never see things as they are on the surface. Sometimes it feels like a curse and sometimes it is truly beautiful, just sit and follow my mind…

There I stood, and just as in slow motion clips from the movies, time seemed to slow down around me. I was catching eyes of all colors, they were locking with mine. I returned their look with a smile, as I awkwardly realized I was holding my own hands, while my feet rocked back and forth. In that moment I was not anxious, actually quite the opposite. I took a deep breath, and I literally felt like I was breathing in ocean air. A breath so pure and refreshing, accompanied by a vision of hope from the words that had just been poured onto my cracked heart, one that was still recovering from my week as a human on this Earth.

As I feel God does to me quite often, He speaks to me in the mundane and allows my brain to see more and feel something different than the average person. I guess that is why I feel the need to share my perspective. The tall, the short, the black, the white. They all were on a hidden mission today, one that I will never know, as they left the building. Some were talking, some walked out silent. I could see insecurity as my eyes met a man with grey hair, and great confidence of a girl with blue hair, at least that is how I interpreted our eye contact.

A beautiful flow of the put together, and the broken, the old and the young. I stopped and had a thought in that moment. This is what heaven must be like, this is what the body of believers really look like. They do not fit one mold or all sing the same song, although they all carry the rhythm of a sinner set free. ALL types of souls, all so different and in that, so much intention by the greatest artist of all. All blessed and as it may feel sometimes, cursed with their quirks. All with an original story authored by God himself, adorned by their own choices, and sprinkled with the sin in the world. They were beautiful, all of those humans with somewhere to be. Well, at least they were to me in that moment.

My reverie was broken when my husband came out of the bathroom, and then I became one of those humans again, with somewhere to be and two kids to get from church childcare.


This song is like my theme song. This is one of those songs that I play on purpose, kind of like someone would take Tylenol for a headache, I turn it on when I need a push, a reminder of why I make myself vulnerable when I write or take a step into the unknown. Every time I hear it, it takes me away and inspires me. It reminds me that we are all in the same boat, all striving for something and we are living for the journey. We are all inspiring each other with our words and our stories so we can ALL "Run til we all can feel the sun..." I just love that message cause that is how I view life, and this song reminds me of that.

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