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Peddling Perfect

A girl taking a selfie being perfect and winking.

I watch as you peddle perfect.

I start to compare.

Then I realize it is propaganda,

And that everyone’s life is not fair.

I watch as you peddle perfect.

Spotless and in place, 

A fantasy for every woman,

A performance stage.

I watch as you peddle perfect.

I smile because I know.

Contentment reigns supreme,

And life is not a constant show.

I watch as I peddle perfect.

How was I not aware I do the same?

And so does he and so does she,

Unaware that we even started playing this game.

I watch as everyone peddles perfect.

I scroll and see what only family albums should hold,

I never talk to you,

But I watch your children grow old.

I watch as we all peddle perfect.

I scroll as I recall,

We all fell victim to this process,

When the internet became the mall.

I watch as the world peddles perfect. 

100s of others photos to sift a day,

I can barely keep up with my life,

As I reflect I suspire, “How did we end up this way?”

Copyright © May 6, 2024, Jessica A. Goolsby, Peddling Perfect. All Rights Reserved.

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