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Quality of Life

Quality of Life | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

The battle of the mind at 16 years old. If you are a teen reading this, you have no idea how much I can relate to you and what you are going through. I have been there. I have cried, pondered life, dreams, goals. I have felt extremely unwanted and unloved. I have felt like no one cared and wanted so badly to give up on life. It was just too hard for me, or so that is what I thought. Just look at me. I have made it 12 years since those thoughts swirled in my brain. You can too.

I have cried myself to sleep and looked for love in all of the wrong places. The wisdom I needed at 16, was to know that perspective is key. That the jerks that make fun of you or that make you feel left out, will be a blob at 28 years old, still out partying and trying to be COOL. Some people just never grow out of it. They may have been cool at 16, but all that alcohol and partying in your 20s will give you a beer gut and unreliable "friends" that ride the same rollercoaster of "popularity" but could care less about you.

You are wonderful.

Let me just say that if you are reading this and seeking to grow and relate, you are cool. You already have wisdom. To the girl who's boyfriend does not respect her body and push's your boundaries, to the girl who feels she has no real friends, to the guy who feels like the outcast because he loves the arts, to the chick that cares about her academics and loves to read, to the guy who thinks he has to be drunk to relate to the cool kids. You are beautiful and you just need the right perspective.

My seat in the real world at 27 years old shows me the truth, pressure at 16 did not. I wish I would have known that then, when my world crumbled at my boyfriend talking to another female. There is more. Life is BIGGER and BETTER than just 16. You have great purpose friend, please know that. Be good to others and be confident in your passions. When you feel like a nobody, do not go be alone and ponder giving up. Go and invest in someone else. Do something nice for someone you love or even a random stranger. Trust me lifting up others will lift your spirits. Do not seclude yourself. Let your passions ignite a flame in your heart that no one can extinguish. Make a list of things that make you smile and things that make you happy. When you are down, refer to that. In 12 years, you too will have gained more wisdom and I bet you will be telling another 16 year old the same thing.

You control your quality of life. What "they" think does NOT and never will. <3


Wake up,

go back to bed?

Why not?

Who needs you anyway?

If no one needs you,

who would even want you?



Think again.

Wake up,

go back to bed?

Nah. You got a life to live.

You could change someone's day,

Yes, you.

You never know who you will meet,

that might need you,

or even want you.

Think positive.

You determine your quality of life,

So make the best of it,

You only have one life to live.


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