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Routine Blues

Our schedules rule us. It is a fact. It is a constant check with the clock, chained to certain times. Although routines are great, it is also great to have days of rest. No plans, no rush through to get to bed. To actually enjoy the day that the Lord has provided. To sit and be. We all need more days like that so we do not sit and experience the routine blues like a robot of time.


Open our eyes,

the sun has risen,

we see,

Hugging each second that arrives then flees,

no never,

doing what the clock says to do is always better.

We look around,

find what we have already found and then we are through,

not yielding to think,

for we know what we are going to do.

Jump the gap,

hoping to complete what we've just begun in a snap,

Time to dream,

the suns not seen,

just think.

Time won't stop for no ones sake,

not a soul,

So we need to enjoy each minute we have to hold.

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