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Silence of the dead.

Silence of the Dead | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

He said, she said.

Who is he, who is she?

and what did she say?

She said I don't know what to do,

how do I know if this is real? True?

What will they say?

He is not at my level.

Can I make this possible?

He is not well known,

Shut up heart.

I will do what looks right.

I will go with him to the dance tonight.

She was a girl filled with so many dreams left to fulfill,

a list of to dos.

Number two fall in love,

number one be cool, accepted.

Until nothing is what she said.

Silence of the dead.

He was so happy.

The girl of his dreams,

his night.

A good hearted guy.

He said she said I thought I could make this work,

but it is not looking good for me,


A broken hearted guy stood their disappointed with no date,

Poor him.

Really poor her.

Sorry her, regretful her.

She said to herself,

He'll get over it,

I'll go with another,

Yeah the football player,

Now what is his phone number?

She said hey need a date?

He said, Skip the dance,

I know this awesome party.

I will go with you if you will go with me.

Do not even worry, I will bring the drinks.

Wouldn't miss it she said,

as many doubts ran through her head,

Listen to the sound coming closer,

The silence of the dead.

He sat at home,

a unworn corsage in his hand.

While she held the bottle and lost it again and again.

Her date said get in the car,

She said hurry get me home,

before I get in trouble,

he said do not worry,

We'll make it there on the double.

She screamed stop a second too late,

tires squealed.

What a way to end the "perfect" date,

with the "perfect" guy.

What a sad way to die.

Maybe now she would have changed what she would have said,

Pick the right date,

But now she cant.

Silence of the dead.

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