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The two of them.

The two of them | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

They are attractive,

I see two of them.

One is left and one is right,

One is up and one is down,

One is black and one is white,

they are nothing alike.

One of them pretends to see me,

He is good at it,

the other is partially blind,

He had never admitted it.

From the worlds eyes I am seen as one of theirs,

But I don't know,

Maybe I am meant to climb a different flight of stairs,

The stairs of the other,

He is my cold hearts true cover.

This journey of my life is not lead by my minds,

but by my heart,

So I will follow the beat and where it leads me,

Up the different long-winding stairs,

there my love I will share.


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