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True Self Within

True Self Within | Pineapple in Pine Tree Blog

Wow. As I read this poem that I wrote in 2007, it resonates with me so strongly for my life today. When someone you look up to, lets you down. When someone everyone thinks is so amazing is fooling them all and you know it, but there is really nothing you can do. You just sit wondering "why?" and there is nothing you can do about it.


Nothing was the same,

Now that it was dark,

the star that shined within was dim,

What was happening?

The light used to shine through,

I felt its warmth,

until the day it shot from the sky,

I wondered why.

I never would have guessed.

The brightness of the star was far brighter than the others,

the one I always looked up to at night.

The one that made me happy when I was down.

But the darkness started piercing clearly through the star,

showing its true colors.

No more warmth within it,

No more brightness outside of it,

Nothing for me to look up to,

I just wondered, "why?"

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