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Why Goodbye Now?

Why Goodbye Now? | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

I thought you were the one,

the one just for me,

It just seemed perfect,

just meant to be.

I really did not know,

your feeling for me had changed.

I was still deeply in love with you,

I felt exactly the same.

When I figured out,

that your love for me was gone,

I was so lonely inside,

I felt so alone.

I was hurting inside,

you had ripped my heart into,

the pain was killing me,

I wish there was something that I could undo.

What did I do to you?

Where did I go wrong,

to keep you from me?

I was dancing,

and you turned off the song.

I wish I knew the truth,

I wish I knew why,

So soon,

So soon,

You saying goodbye.

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