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You are not just a BIG BANG.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

You are not just a BIG BANG | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

There is a higher power, whether you believe it or not, watching your life play out. There is too much intention in the way that you were created for that to not be so. Maybe you have tried religion. Maybe that HAS let you down. Maybe that did not fulfill you. There is something SO beautiful about connecting with your creator. Yes someone created you, you are not just a BIG BANG. You are not just a scientific phenomena. I think it sounds crazier to think that we are just here. That all of these humans are just on this one planet of life out of like eight planets with none. A planet that provides the correct temperature, food, and resources for them to thrive, if they choose to do so. That the sun is there keeping us alive. That the trees are there just giving us oxygen. That water falls from the sky to bring new life from the ground. That fruits contain seed to regrow themselves. That animals help take care of the planet by their nature. Wow. Just writing a short list of the obvious makes me smile.

Have you ever seen an artist create 100 paintings and then just look upon them with disgust as they hang in the place he created with his heart. No, I think not. God created you to be displayed for a purpose. You are breathing right now for a reason. Here is the thing that people miss when they are trying to view who God is, even people who seem to hate Him and not believe in him at the same time. They think that if God loved us, then he would cater to our every need as we demanded. That there would never be sickness or hate or destruction or tragedy. How could a God that "loves" us do such or let such occur? I have pondered this as well. Do you think that anyone would have compassion if there was no suffering? Do you think anyone would be humble or gracious or relate? All I see is a world full of self entitlement and chaos. There have to be limits. There has to be order. He says Himself that life will suck at times, but he also says I am the light the hope and the way, IF IF IF IF you look towards be and seek me. It gives me great comfort to know there is somewhere I can turn when I do not know what to do. That there IS a way that life is made to be lived, a way that does bring fulfillment and joy.

A lot of people think that being "a Christian" makes you like a righteous robot that views themselves as higher than others. NO. It is a soul connect. We all have one. Why do you feel? Why do you cry? Why do smile? You have a soul. Imagine the person you would have become if your parents never told you no, or kept you from falling off cliffs. You would be either dead or chaotic and self entitled.

Make a list. I can tell you that the things that point to there is a loving God will out weigh the points that there is not. Once you get past that point, seek Him. How does that look? Like I said, it is a soul connect. Look up, close your eyes and tell Him you are ready to see if His journey is real. Tell Him to show you daily while you keep trying to know who He is from others testimonies, including the people we learn from in the Bible, and the story of Jesus from the Bible. I guarantee you He will. You will experience life with new eyes. Not eyes of HATE, which so many think of when they think of "Christians". Not eyes of "I'm better and more righteous." I hate when people give a group of people a title. Just because I say I am in the Unicorn Riding club DOES NOT make me a part of it, if I do not even own a unicorn and truthfully don't believe in magic. ;)

Maybe my analogies are weird. But that is how my mind works.

Jesus wants you to see through eyes of grace and understanding for other people's pain. We are created to lift others up, not to solely focus on ourselves being lifted up. He wants you to see through eyes of hope and greater good. He wants you to see through eyes of love. He wants you to experience a soul journey with Him. This journey was not meant to be carried out by perfect humanity, but the opposite. I can tell you that from experience. Do you think three years ago I would have been brave enough to be vulnerable like this, writing my heart out on a blog knowing that people may bash it and tell me that I am crazy for believing in a fairytale God? No. But God has lifted me up through my yo yo depression, negative mindset, broken relationships, health issues. He has literally brought my soul to life and as it starts to go back down weekly, he lifts it back up.

Just imagine if you lost it all, and some random person that owed you absolutely nothing came and restored everything for you for no reason other than that they DO care. Would you be thankful? Would you deny them? Would you share to the world what an amazing person they were, especially if you saw all the other people losing all they had? I bet you would. I can not deny there is a God. I can not deny that spiritual awakenings are real. If you feel lost in life like I did, I pray that you explore your soul and why you have it. Maybe you say no for now, and that is cool for you are entitled to make your own choices, but when you fall and break one day or get to the end of your rope, like I did, I pray you remember this blog. I pray that you let God strengthen your faith as he carries you through it, and even above it. Seek him, and He will.

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