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A Bad Salesman

A Bad Salesman | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Time to sugarcoat,

I think not!

The truth bleeds gold and

the lies run hot.

Plans and schemes,

and games and things,

and LA DE DAH,

"I'm not a child I sing!"

Sick inside,

nothing adds up in my mind.

Face to face reveals,

that all hope was killed.

"Principal" died that day,

I so hate to say,

a blind folded betrayal,

all push and never pull, for real.

As pure as dirt,

as clear as smoke,

"It's all her fault"

Is all he wrote.

As the pages turn,

We all feel the heat,

She feels the burn,

A brilliant mind lost at sea,

a quick downward turn.

An anchor he threw,

though no longer attached,

the thunder rolls near,

He traded the sun,

for a half lit match.

The mystery hangs,

Pending more lies to tell,

Sorry sir I'm not buying,

What you are trying to sell.

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