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Give Me Love.

Give Me Love | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Let us go back,

back when love thrived,

and we were all I wanted out of life,

and tears had meaning I cried.

When a kiss created sparks,

we could never be apart,

unexplainable like the stars,

every breath was an art.

Were do I go without an escape?

Where tears mean nothing,

and feelings are locked in gates.

This love it barely keeps me alive,

memories and moments are the only place we thrive.

All I long for is you,

and a love so close,

Where there is no doubt,

that you need me so.

I hate being desperate,

all I want is you to be happy,

if only I shut up.

I want what is real,

and passionate and deep and true,

I wonder why I can't get that anymore from you.

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