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Poetry is Not a Story

Poem about Poetry
Is it just me or is the color green of this story book just beautiful?

| In my opinion, the best lyrics are the ones written about a moment. The ones written about a specific time, with specific details that are not meant to really relate to anyone, yet they somehow do. Anyone remember... ".. A little ditty 'bout Jack & Diane..Two American kids growing up in the heart land... Jack he's gonna be a football star.. Diane debutante in the back seat of Jacky's car.." ? Maybe I am not Diane and maybe he was not Jack... but that song reminds me of us..

Don't even get me started on Taylor Swift's song "All Too Well".. If you have had your heart broken and you do not feel something when you hear that song, you may need to check your pulse..Beautifully written and so detailed.

As humans I believe our stories are way more similar than we choose to admit. You know in a movie when everything goes slo-mo when a guy falls in love with a girl... I often have moments a lot like that in my life. The moments where everything stands still and slows down and something in me notices every detail. I have to either write it out to let it go or write it out to cherish it. Every little feeling, thought, intricacy. I write because I am meant to. I write so you know you are not alone. Let us share our moments as you read my words. |

Poem about Poetry
No one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in..

Poetry is Not a Story

Poetry is not a story,

Poetry is a moment.

The unraveling of emotion,

The unveiling of wonderment.

Let us float & cry & fly.

Let us smile & feel & heal.

Inspire to connect,

Inspire to show we are real.

Poetry is not the Earth,

Poetry is the sunset.

With detail in color,

With pain a burning orange tint.

Let us float & cry & fly.

Let us smile & feel & heal.

As I stare the next line is revealed,

As I stare freeing feelings concealed.

Releasing for my soul,

Releasing for the world.

This was not a story,

This was a moment from a girl.


Poem about Poetry
"Wind in my hair...I was there.. I remember it.. All too well.."

Let your clarity define you.. In the end... We will only just remember how it feels.

Our lives are made.. In these small hours.. These little wonders... These twists and turns of fate.

Time falls away... But these small hours... These small hours still remain.


This video is a perfect example of what I am trying to relay..... <3 Take a watch ;)

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