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Smile, Where You Sit.

Updated: Apr 18

Smile Where you Sit | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

O the feeling. The feeling when you are about to spill because you just can’t contain. That is how I feel right now. Maybe it is not the ideal time to sit at my laptop, but here I am sitting, because I truthfully believe I am meant to be here, typing right now. Timing may not always seem best, but there are some things you just must do.

So many writers seem to get writers block. I never have it. I have an endless list of things I want to talk about, I just do not have the time to sit and get them out in text. My mind swirls with these topics all the time and I do not think that they are there by coincidence, just to sit and never speak.

Is there anything in your heart that you feel stirring, and you know you are passionate about, but you just have not given your calendar access to this passion? That everything else is more important and trumps this massive heart beat that no one really knows about. Maybe you love to sing, or draw, or design. Maybe you enjoy writing, cooking, business, nature, crafting, fashion. Maybe your heart pounds when you read an article, or you spark a conversation with another about one of these passions.

PLEASE KNOW THAT IS NOT COINCIDENCE. You are that way by design.

There are some people that were truthfully meant to tick the way they do for a greater purpose. Every play in your life, the days you laughed and danced, and the days where you cried and secluded yourself from the world, were there for a reason. They have slowly and painfully molded you into your current state. You may look at your current state as ugly and broken and not really that put together, but what if you just changed your perspective? What if you saw all the tears and the momentary mountain peaks of life, as great beauty.

What if you saw yourself as beautiful at 27 years old, cracked nail polish, muffin top and all? Every culture has a standard of beauty and they always will, but what is your standard of beauty in your mind? How do you look at yourself, at others? Maybe your perspective just needs a good fine tuning.

Just today I saw God. Yes, and I saw Him in the what people describe as “evil social media”. ALL things have a good and bad side, but God Almighty can move and work in anything and anywhere where His children choose to share Him. My timeline, although most days are filled with pictures of kids in the park, raging and hate filled political debates, workout gurus, and home décor… was filled with God. Every single post. With every scroll God was speaking to ME. It was like He was reminding me, saying I AM HERE! RIGHT HERE.

When the world sees predictable, and hate filled, and full of judgment, I STILL STAND. Just amazing videos of love. I saw two homeless men praising God with an old guitar, a boy signing to the song “Reckless Love”, as well as Steffany Gretzinger’s cover of the same song (which was amazing by the way). They lifted my spirits. Emotion of believers shown through video.

You know, sometimes I hesitate to post for the fact that I know that “Christian” posts get on some people’s nerves, or that I will sound like a broken record to the people who may not view God as I do. But what I also know, is that there is that one person searching for what is on my heart. I learn lessons daily from God. My outlook has changed several times just this year on certain things, because of reading other people’s hearts.

I started to think, what if it were not for these beautiful souls that were unashamed to write about their father? Where would I be? Would I have grown and learned so much? We are on this Earth to learn from each other, grow and encourage each other, lift each other up. I want you to know this about me. Just because I am a “Christian” does not mean I hate certain people by default. I know this is a view that many have, that is incorrect. I want you to know that because I am a “Christian” I have the capacity to love something or someone, that before I could not do on my own. I have the capacity to forgive and see ALL people through LOVE. The LOVE in my heart that does not come from me. It comes from Jesus. He guides me to see things differently, and in the best way.

The pain in your story, though we may not share the same outlook on ALL levels, speaks to me. You inspire me, yes you person that you may think I hate. I see all that creative beauty in you when so many others may only see and define you by “your sin”. My prayer is that I can inspire you in one way or another, and that we can agree on something. We can agree that we are both human. That we both have the ability to love. That we were put on this Earth at the same time, and that you are reading this for a reason.

I did a couple of pageants back in my day in high school. Although dumb and overused when people make fun of pageants, I DO wish there was “World PEACE”. Does that mean we can not stand for what we believe in? Does that mean everyone has to believe EXACTLY as we do. Does that mean we have to look a specific way? No. No, it does not. Our differences were intentional. They were meant to work together in somewhat of a beautifully broken harmony.

To all the people who have played rolls in the story of my life, from the villain, to the heartbreaker, to the best friend, to the bully, to the pretend friend, you made me who I am. You will forever be typed in the pages of my story, of my heart. That is life. Good comes with the bad. SO, wherever you sit today, maybe you are like me, staring at a screen while your kids yell and run around the kitchen, or maybe you are at a job you hate, or at your wits end with people in life, or stuck in traffic or having the best day ever, smile. Smile for where you sit, because you are alive and breathing, and that passion we discussed at the first of this article that ran through your head, it was not by chance. Add it to your calendar. It is important to use your heart for good, always. Never stop sharing your heart. We were made to inspire each other. Hopefully I wrote a line in your story of life today with this article. It is time to turn the page dear friend. It is time to change your perspective and see things through new eyes.

Feed your soul. LIVE.

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