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When and if?

When and if? | Pineapple in a Pine Tree Blog

Since I last seen his face,

my many days seem as years,

a part of me had left,

in me a missing space.

You can look at me,

but you wont know,

that he is constantly occupying my thoughts,

my soul,

no matter where I go.

From time to time he visits me in my dreams,

my heart wishes it was real,

but it is nothing more than a much wanted fantasy.

My anticipation grows,

the longer I must wait,

makes seeing my wanted fate,

all the more great.

As my imagination blindly wonders around,

no matter what I do,

It always ends up in the same place,

Where he is,

where I wish I was too.

I wish it was as simple as,

him opening my door and coming in,

talking sweetly saying,

"Do you want to be more than just friends?"

But in that case simple is not likely,

He probably likes somebody else,

seriously why would he like me?

What have I got to offer to a person so caring?

I'm going to try to get him,

even though it sounds daring.

When and if,

that day comes that we are together,

the chain will be lifted off of my heart,

and I will feel so much better.


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